Apr 5, 2017 1 min read

Dublin: Product Managers, Product Owners, Scalable Product Models

What: Product Tank Dublin
When: April 5, 630pm
Where: dogpatch/CHQ, Dublin

This half hour covered some newly assembled material about product managers, product owners and scalable models for agile product teams.  A lot to cover, but we started with Jobs To Be Done by product folks, rather than external role descriptions, then built up from a small product/small team scenario (one product manager) up to mid-sized and large product organizations.  Less-than-professional graphics pulled together that day, but which generated interesting questions and discussion.
Sylvie McDermott (CPO @ Currencyfair) shared the podium, talking about Mistake and Misconceptions in Product Management. How to navigate them and bring product to market.

Product Tank Dublin: Scaling Agile Product Models from Rich Mironov

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