Apr 30, 2009 3 min read

Agile Transformation Seminar

Rich Mironov keynoted a one-day seminar on Agile Transformation, hosted by IBM, entitled “Mitigating Risk with Agile Development: Great Software, Great Business Results

Where: IBM Innovation Center, 2929 Campus Drive, Suite 275/2nd floor, San Mateo, CA
When: Thursday, April 30, 9:30 – 3:30
Presenters:  Rich Mironov (CMO, Enthiosys); Johnny Scarborough (VP Product Engineering, GlobalLogic); Damon Poole (CTO, AccuRev) and Bill Leech (agile practitioner, CNET).

This one-day session included detailed presentations, interactive exercises and open discussion on:

  • Agile development approaches including distributed agile methods, the history of agile, and agile manifesto
  • A detailed walk-through of Scrum, one agile approach
  • The organizational changes required for successful agile adoption: executive commitment, cross-functional teams, and coaching
  • Hear first-hand from one of your peers about how to bring about agile adoption and improved results
  • Roadmaps, releases, iterations and the iron triangle
  • Business drivers, business value and customer collaboration approaches
  • How to evaluate technologies when adopting agile

This seminar was intended for CTOs, Vice Presidents and Directors of:

  • Software Development or Engineering
  • Product Management
  • Business Units



All attendees received free copies of two new books:

Scaling Software Agility: Best Practices for Large Enterprises by Dean Leffingwell
The Art of Product Management by Rich Mironov

Presenter Bios:

Rich Mironov, Enthiosys, CMO

Rich Mironov is CMO of Enthiosys, an agile product management consulting firm. A Silicon Valley veteran, he works with clients on product and technology strategies, pricing/business models, agile adoption, and market requirements. He is the author of The Art of Product Management , stage producer for the Agile 2009 product management track, and is on the Executive Development faculty of UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. Rich has an M.B.A. from Stanford University and a B.S Physics from Yale University.

Johnny Scarborough, Area VP – Product Engineering, GlobalLogic

With over 20 years of start-up and established technology company experience, Johnny leads GlobalLogic’s efforts to establish common processes, platform, tools, and components that can be used to further accelerate software product development and test. He works closely with technology clients and prospects to advise them on how to maximize their success, helping them transition as appropriate to GlobalLogic Velocity™, the company’s InfoWorld award-winning Agile platform supporting global product development.

Damon Poole, CTO and Founder, AccuRev, Inc.

Damon Poole has over eighteen years of software development methodology and process improvement experience gained through hands-on development and consultation at hundreds of companies doing both co-located and geographically distributed development. Damon also consults on Agile techniques which scale to large distributed teams collaborating on multiple releases in parallel. Read Damon’s Agile Development blog.

Bill Leech, Agile Practitioner

Bill Leech has utilized Agile since 2005, when he was certified as a Scrum Master and Product Owner, and since then has been applying Agile methods to projects of growing size and complexity. He introduced Scrum to CNET Networks (recently acquired by CBS Interactive). Last year, CNET.com completed an enterprise effort to rebuild and redesign their major websites, which was managed using the Agile/Scrum methodology.

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