Apr 25, 2011 1 min read

Santa Clara MBA Lecture on Product Mgmt

Prof. Kumar Sarangee of Santa Clara’s Leavey School of Business invited Rich Mironov for a guest lecture on Product Market Planning and Strategy class.  This talk included a quick overview of what product managers are (what they do), how this fits into the overall business of creating technology, and how to think about pricing software and roadmapping.

What: Lecture and discussion of technology product management, new product development, and the business of building software.
Class: Product Market Planning and Strategy (MBA / MKTG 572).
Where: Lucas Hall, Santa Clara University
When: Monday , April 25th (enrolled students only)

SCU’s Evening MBA program attracts some of the brightest students from the Valley, with a tradition of providing leadership back to technology companies.

Course Description:

New product development (NPD) is critically important for the successful performance of all organizations. However, NPD is a risky endeavor and many new products fail in the marketplace, despite a huge expenditure in money, time and resources. Hence, managers need to develop a comprehensive understanding of the design, development and marketing of new products and services.

In this course, Prof. Sarangee focuses on both quantitative and qualitative tools and techniques associated with researching and analyzing new product opportunities and then designing, testing, and introducing new products and services. It is especially tailored for professional managers who are interested in innovation, new product development and entrepreneurship.

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