Dublin Workshop: Managing Stakeholders and Priorities

This interactive workshop with Rich Mironov will help product managers improve their understanding and skills for working with stakeholders, cross-functional teams, executives, and customers. We will frame the main challenges forproduct managers, then look at specific tools/techniques to drive decisions/strategies.

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Podcast: Organizational Anthropology

Individual product managers are focused on their individual products/services, but product leaders need to think about their organizational context: how do we get things done? What motivates each functional group and how do we align incentives? Can we get out ahead of inevitable resource conflicts?

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Workshop: Market-Facing Skills For Product Managers/Product Owners

Rich presenting

This occasional public workshop was most recently delivered in San Francisco on June 24/25: two days of market-facing skills for product owners and new product managers. Beyond the mechanics of user stories & backlogs, we applied segmentation, software economics and user motivation to attendees’ own products in the marketplace. We learned-by-doing and turned participants’ products into live case study as well as working through prepared exercises and materials.

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