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Tuesday is Female Pronoun Persona Day

As a long-time B2B infrastructure product manager, I’m used to thinking about my customers as guys. IT managers and directors, 30-50, developers or sys admins who’ve been pushed up into management, frustrated, under-appreciated and under-resourced, pale from weekends spent inside… I’m exaggerating on purpose. Rrecent chats with three women who run IT groups reminded me that we (product managers) need to channel our diverse customer base — wherever it leads us.

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Three Product Challenges for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

Rich Mironov led a clinic on product management concepts for very early-stage start-ups (1 to 3 employees), hosted by Agile Entrepreneurs. Three Product Challenges for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs Three Product Challenges for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs from Rich Mironov When: Thursday July 15, 2010 Where: Fenwick & West, 801 California St, Mountain View CA Who: Hosted/presented by Agile Entrepreneurs

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Where Does (Should) Strategy Live in Your Company?

Rich Mironov gave a talk at SDForum’s Marketing SIG on where/how to build strategy in (young) tech companies. What:  Where Does (Should) Strategy Live in Your Company? Where: Marketing SIG @ DLA Piper,  2000 University Ave, Palo Alto When: April 12, 6:30pm – 9:00pm PDF of the slides Where does/should strategy live in your company?

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P-Camp ‘10: Thinking Like an Agile Product Manager

At Silicon Valley P-Camp ‘10 (March 13th), Rich Mironov led a session on “How Agile Changes Waterfall PM Processes and Thinking.”  This was a tall order for a 45-minute colllaborative session with 120+ attendees, so we ran a real-time exercise in creating, prioritizing and attacking a backlog of agile PM issues.  The room was full

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Product Camp NYC

We were thrilled that the P-Camp/Product Camp movement arrived in The Big Apple on July 18th, and that Rich Mironov was able to participate: What: Product Camp NYC Where: Down Town Association, 60 Pine Street, New York City 10005 When:  Saturday, July 18, 2009, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Cost: Free, more information here Organized

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Disruptive Pricing Units

During a miserable week of domestic air travel during June, I noticed new fees suddenly appearing for checked baggage and in-flight soft drinks.  That caused an announcement about a new airline to catch my eye – an airline offering a radically different approach to pricing.  It re-raised a topic that we explore with many clients:

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Burning Your Boats

I spent 2006 consulting to small tech companies, including seven months as an interim executive.  I also nearly co-founded a start-up.  Come year-end, though, I find that I haven’t created a new company or joined a fledgling venture. This brings to mind discussions of commitment and “burning your boats.”

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Why are there Serial Entrepreneurs?

From the outside, it might seem that joining a fledgling start-up should only be about economics and the big payoff: the popular business press always has stories of farsighted technologists, instant millionaires, and thirty-somethings coping with Sudden Wealth Syndrome.  And there are certainly enough folks in the Valley who have made it that most of

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