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Product In the Time of Cholera

As product leaders, most of us have spent the first few weeks of the COVID-19 crisis focused on (worried about) our people and teams. But we’re now shifting attention to how this changes priorities and product plans…

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Auckland: “Saying No to Good Ideas”

We can’t do everything, even if our executives believe we can.  So how do we decide what to focus on – and say NO to a huge stack of good ideas that crowd out the best ideas? Bruce McCarthy and Rich Mironov joined Product Tank Auckland to talk about frameworks, collaboration and executive interrupts.

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Product Love Podcast with Pendo’s Eric Boduch

Eric Boduch hosts Pendo’s Product Love podcast. In this episode, we discussed enterprise vs consumer; roadmaps; organizations; chasing competitor features; DevOps; the need for product leaders to “merchandize” what product folks do; and being students of human behavior.

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Dublin Workshop: Managing Stakeholders and Priorities

This interactive workshop with Rich Mironov will help product managers improve their understanding and skills for working with stakeholders, cross-functional teams, executives, and customers. We will frame the main challenges forproduct managers, then look at specific tools/techniques to drive decisions/strategies.

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The Software Development Deli Counter

The revenue side of the house often believes that incremental budgets – or major deals – all that it takes to add new items at the top of the development queue. Like ordering a custom-built sandwich at the deli counter…

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One-Day Product Leaders Roundtable

This one-day roundtable (workshop) is specifically for those managing teams of product managers. We will collectively tackle VP-level organizational and leadership issues. Plus dinner the evening before: wine, wisdom, war stories, and closed-door networking with other product executives.

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