Apr 1, 2020 1 min read

“My Stories Aren’t Long Enough…” (Dublin/Virtual)

Topic: “My Stories Aren’t Long Enough…  Except When They Are Too Long”
Hosted by ProductTank Dublin
When: April 1, 6pm GMT
Where: online/virtual instead of face-to-face…

About 150 people joined this live-streamed Product Tank event…

Product managers/owners often hear from their development team that all of our user stories are too short, insufficient, skimpy, lacking detail. Except when we hear that all of our user stories are long-winded, verbose, overspecifying how instead of what.   What’s really happening?

We used this user story problem as a jumping-off point for broader agile product thinking.  Adapting artifacts and tuning our processes to fit our specific situation rather than getting stuck in someone else’s idea of “best practices.”

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