SynerZip and AgileDFW sponsored this webinar:

Demystifying Agile Product Management

There’s tremendous confusion about how product management works for Agile software development companies. Beyond the mechanics of Agile/Scrum and users stories, how do we define/build products that answer broad market needs that also resonate with large groups of customers and deliver revenue? There’s been a split between high-level product planning and detailed software implementation. During this webinar, we unpacked goals, roles, and the skills needed to deliver great products with revenue impact.

We covered core questions:

  1. What is a product manager, and how does this map to Agile’s product owner role?
  2. Where do we find such folks? What skills are needed, and how do we grow skills?
  3. Most agile development is distributed. How can we distribute product management/product ownership?

Replay the webinar:

Download a PDF of the slides.