Feb 4, 2015 1 min read

Bangalore product tour (Feb 2015)

Hosted by Confianzys, I visited Bangalore from 19Feb to 26Feb for a combination of workshops, public talks and client meetings.  The trip had a cooking theme: sharing the “secret sauce” for innovation and successful products.

Events included:

  • An all-day roadmapping and prioritization workshop.  Since IT Services so dominates the Indian tech scene, we focused on the fundamental differences between product companies and service companies.
  • An afternoon session on product challenges for entrepreneurs and startups, including real-time problem-solving for two Bangalore-based startups
  • A panel discussion at IIIT-B (International Institute of Information Technology-Bangalore) on innovation, market validation and product-versus-services.  We also got a tour of their tech startup incubator.
  • A freewheeling session at IIM-B (Indian Institute of Management – Bangalore) with entrepreneurs, engineers and IIM-B faculty.  Hot topics included blended services/products, two-sided markets, how India-based product managers take more control of their products, and a case analysis of one local startup.
  • A panel discussion and closing talk at Product Leaders Forum.  See a video of Rich’s comments on “Silicon Valley’s Pay-It-Forward Culture“.
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