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Agile@Cork graciously hosted me for a talk on software, strategy and product management

What: Four Laws of Software Economics
Where: Blackstone Launchpad Creative Zone, Boole Library UCC, Cork
When: Tuesday, April 12, 630-9 PM
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There are some fundamental laws of software economics that should drive executive-level decisions about business and product strategies. It’s easy to forget them, or decide they don’t apply to our special situation. (Gravity’s not just a good idea, it’s the law.)  We talked through:

  • Your development team will never (ever) be big enough
  • All of the profits are in the nth copy
  • Software bits are not the (whole) product
  • You can’t outsource your strategy

Lively discussion followed about how to push back on business-side organizations that want us to build the wrong things, or projects that aren’t very important.  We also recapped news from Silicon Valley.