Jul 4, 2016 1 min read

Hack The Process Podcast

Hack The Process is M. David Green’s podcast about taking action on your plans, and building your business, your career, and your life around sustainable and satisfying systems that support mindful and meaningful progress. He helps people (primarily in engineering organizations) collaborate more effectively to make constant improvement a daily practice.

He generously invited me to participate. We had a wide-ranging 45-minute conversation about product management, leadership and organizations. Along the way, we also touched on humility; staying focused on what you do best by referring other work to experts in adjacent areas; the importance of “paying it forward”; how leaders of product teams have different challenges than the product folks they lead; leading workshops as a way to stay in close touch with target audiences; and how I became a consultant. (Hint: mortgage + young child needing college fund + tech downturn + no job.)

Please give it a listen.

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