Apr 16, 2019 1 min read

Dublin: Organizational Challenge of Enterprise Roadmapping

What: INDUSTRY Product conference
Talk: “The Organizational Challenge of Enterprise Roadmapping”
When: 15-17 April 2019
Where: Dublin Castle/The Printworks, Dame Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

Especially at enterprise software companies, there are some inherent mis-alignments among internal stakeholders that can complicate our product planning.  This talk was an occasionally humorous look at the systemic conflicts between single-account-focused sales teams, market-focused product managers, and executives.  How do we respect and understand each other when we may have very different objectives?

INDUSTRY brings together top product thinkers and doers.  I was thrilled to share the stage with Melissa Perri, Ash Maurya, Janna Bastow, Arielle Kilroy, Paul Adams, Suzie Prince, Supriya Uchil, Jonathan Courtney, and other luminaries.

Organizational Challenge of Enterprise Roadmapping from Rich Mironov

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