What: INDUSTRY Product conference
Talk: “The Organizational Challenge of Enterprise Roadmapping”
When: 15-17 April 2019
Where: Dublin Castle/The Printworks, Dame Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

Especially at enterprise software companies, there are some inherent mis-alignments among internal stakeholders that can complicate our product planning.  This talk was an occasionally humorous look at the systemic conflicts between single-account-focused sales teams, market-focused product managers, and executives.  How do we respect and understand each other when we may have very different objectives?

INDUSTRY brings together top product thinkers and doers.  I was thrilled to share the stage with Melissa Perri, Ash Maurya, Janna Bastow, Arielle Kilroy, Paul Adams, Suzie Prince, Supriya Uchil, Jonathan Courtney, and other luminaries.