May 30, 2023 1 min read

Podcast: How to Influence Executives

Innovation Talks podcast banner

For his Innovation Talks podcast, Paul Heller and I had a wide-ranging discussion about how product management influences innovation and innovating at the feature/sub-feature levels. We talked warily about the word “innovation,” what it should mean, and how product managers can turn innovation into an intentional process that produces an impactful result. We also touched on the need for product managers to sell their ideas to get the resources they need and make a logical financial argument to show how proposed ideas will benefit the company financially.

“We're an important driver of the system, but let's not get our heads too big that we can't walk through the doors of our building like everybody else.”
  • How product managers can influence executives
  • Common product management challenges and opportunities
  • How product innovation and leadership are connected
  • The benefits of pruning product backlogs
  • How to attach money to roadmap items
  • How to speak an executive’s language
  • The role of product managers in product waste
  • Discovery challenges for product managers
  • Product Camp origins

Listen to the podcast here.

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