Mar 15, 2024 1 min read

Videocast: Steve Johnson & Grant Hunter (Product Growth Leaders)

Grant, Rich, Steve talking live

I joined Grant Hunter and Steve Johnson for a livestreamed Product Conversation. Give it a listen. We had a lively, wide-ranging discussion of

  • Ways to communicate with stakeholders they aren't getting everything they want (since they will never get everything they want). Using the language of money.
  • Restaurant metaphors for software product companies vs software services companies and product strategies
  • Why B2B/Enterprise companies are very different from B2C companies, and how important sales compensation plans are
  • Omphaloskepsis (navel-gazing)
  • Whether distance from Silicon Valley is the key driver of tech community maturity (My POV: it's about the generational depth of experience in startups and revenue software companies, not geography)
  • Bringing love and empathy to our product leadership roles. Product management is like being a parent... and a product leader's job is to grow great product managements
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