Feb 8, 2012 1 min read

Product Camp Silicon Valley 2012

Product Camp Silicon Valley 2012

Five years after the first PCamp, it’s thrilling to see Product Camps become a global phenomenon.  Over the next few months, we’ll see events in Austin, Vancouver, St. Louis, Washington and Boston.  Last year’s far-flung camps included London, Amsterdam, Bangalore and Melbourne.   The world’s biggest Product Camp, of course, is here in Silicon Valley on March 24th. A sell-out crowd of 650+ is assured.

What’s a Product Camp?  Product managers, product marketers and other interested folks gathering for a Saturday of discussions, talks, panels, networking, fun, food, t-shirts and surprises.  Run on an unconference model, this is a way for us to meet and share with our peers.  SVPMA provides organizational leadership here, and eBay is generously donating meeting space.

I’m sad to miss this year’s extravaganza, but will be kicking off a similar event in Stockholm.  (If anyone has that teleporter working, I’d love to borrow it.)

Growing New Leadership

It’s gratifying to see the more established camps transitioning to fresh leadership.  (Jennifer Berkley Jackson is driving SVPC12.)  New blood, enthusiastic volunteers, and new ways to keep things relevant.  Consider me promoted to camp counselor emeritus.

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