Topic: Building and Scaling a Product Team
Where: Zendesk, 67 Queen Street, Melbourne, AU
When: Tuesday, 27 February, 6:00 pm
Hosted by Product Anonymous
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Building and scaling a product team was most requested topic in Product Anonymous’ year-end survey.  So we’ll tackle it in a few steps, time permitting:

  • When and how does a startup hire its first product manager?
  • Division of labor: how do we grow from one to three to many product folks?
  • End-to-end management of product elements/features, or product owner and business owner roles?
  • What does a Head of Product do?

We’ll have an interactive/collaborative session, invite attendees to ‘call BS’ on easy answers, and give away a few books.

Product Anonymous is a group where Melbourne folk unite to share product management experiences, learn from each other while sharing a beverage or two. If you get excited by making things and solving problems, join them. If you are responsible for a product – at a start-up, large company or thinking about a career in product management in the Melbourne area, they would like to meet you.