Pendo’s Product Craft podcast series includes conversations with a range of product leaders. Eric Boduch, Pendo founder, hosted this 45 minute conversation with me.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Consumer vs. enterprise product sets, and the challenge of attributing success to individual improvements
  • Understanding sales organizations, and how sales folks or executives look at roadmaps (and how Engineering is usually optimistic)
  • Constituents for different kinds of development investments: features, tech debt reduction, customer specials…
  • “Apples for Selling” versus “Apples for Eating” – which features are only for buyers, rather than actual users
  • My Four Laws of Tech Economics
  • Importance of interviewing lots of customers before we start building software
  • The cost of over-focus on building features that competitors already have
  • How DevOps pushes product managers to be faster
  • Need for product leaders to “merchandize” with other executives about why product management matters and the value of thinking/planning
  • Product managers need to be students of human behavior

Listen to the podcast