Apr 7, 2016 1 min read

ProductTank Dublin, Four Laws of Software Economics

We had 130 RSVPs for this Product Tank Dublin talk on software, strategy and product management.  Held in the Custom House underground vaults that originally held whiskey and wine!

What: Four Laws of Software Economics
Where: Dogpatch Labs,CHQ Building Custom House Quay, Dublin Docklands
When: Thursday, April 7
Event page

There are some fundamental laws of software economics that should drive executive-level decisions about business and product strategies. It’s easy to forget them, or decide they don’t apply to our special situation. (Gravity’s not just a good idea, it’s the law.)  We talked through a few:

  • Your development team will never (ever) be big enough
  • All of the profits are in the nth subscriber or copy
  • Software bits are not the (whole) product
  • You can’t outsource your strategy

Elicited a few laughs, a few cries, and some groans.

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