Jun 22, 2023 1 min read

Rochester NY: ITX Product + Design Conference 2023

ITX conference promo page

Where: Rochester, NY in person
When: June 22/23
Event details here

This conference celebrated the power of UX design, development and product management with a 2-day conference filled with interactive workshops, inspiring keynotes, many networking opportunities, and wrapping up at the Rochester JazzFest.

Rich made some real-time changes to his keynote to talk about what product and design folks really care about: our end users, our products, and our teams.  It was the prompt for this follow-on post about umbrellas and funnels.

Rich also ran two 3.5 hour workshops: "Product Management, Customer Value, and Stakeholders" covering

  • How Product Managers Add Value
  • Customer Value and Internal Value
  • Prioritizing (With Unaligned Stakeholders)
  • Group-selected topic if time allows
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