Feb 19, 2010 1 min read

New (old) role, new (old) website, new (old) city

New (old) role, new (old) website, new (old) city
Photo by Aaron Kato / Unsplash

Many folks have noticed (and commented) that I’m again working and writing under the “Mironov Consulting” banner. Here’s some background on this transition.

I was a Principal at Mironov Consulting before, from 2001 to 2003, and again 2006-7. With the new decade, I’m again working as an independent consultant – bringing in additional talented people as client situations warrant – on a wide range of product management/product strategy issues. I loved the last 2.5 years as CMO of Enthiosys, but this gives me much more freedom to work with early-stage start-ups, write as the spirit moves me, and volunteer for community-building.

The Mironov Consulting site has been updated, and will continue to expand. The long-running Product Bytes series will cover organizational and product strategy issues, innovation and software services as well as tech product management and agile. Selected items will also be reposted to Enthiosys.com. Our collection of tools and templates is ready for a refresh, and RSS is turned back on. We’ve created a “Fans of Product Bytes” group on Linkedin.

  • If your company needs help with the broad spectrum of product management, product strategy, pricing/business models, or fitting agile into traditionally structured organizations, please call.
  • If you’d like to help with product-related communities and events including SVPMA, P-Camp ‘10 and Agile Alliance’s product management conference tracks, we’d appreciate it. “Many hands make light work.”

And we’re working on a physical move from San Mateo into the heart of San Francisco. One of the world’s great cities, a center for consumer-focused Web 2.x companies, and a be-who-you-are place. Famously sung about by everyone from Tony Bennett to Scott McKenzie to Phoebe Snow to Chris Isaak to Matthew Langlois and Train. FYI, our new offices will be “flowers in your hair” optional.

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