I was honored to join Cindy Solomon’s Product Management Talk podcast series on April 16th.  Co-hosted by Adrienne Tan and  Nick Coster, we had a lively conversation about Galvanizing The Product Management Career Path.

We had an energetic conversation on #prodmgmt career and organizational issues, with live listeners tweeting in their comments.  Topics included:

  • Taking more credit for what we do, rather than hanging back to focus attention on Engineering and Marketing.  (Thanks, @lmckeogh )
  • How soon after founding a start-up needs a product manager (at twelve to fifteen employees?) and how founders have to play PM in the meantime.  (Thanks, @roadmapwarrior )
  • Finding the energy for long-term career planning despite day-to-day exhaustion
  • Agile product owners and agile product managers
  • The need to provide product vision, not just daily management (Thanks, @liz_blink )

We also gave away some digital copies of “The Art of Product Management.”

Listen to the full podcast here.