I got an early look at allthis – a community of people using their talents, skills, and social connections to support their favorite causes. Hope that you’ll visit as well, and participate if the spirit moves you.

In brief, allthis lets people post offers (services, goods, special items) that they’ll provide in return for charitable donations. You do what you’re good at (or what you hope others will appreciate), and 100% of the money goes directly to the cause of your choosing.

I’ve put up a few product management-related items, hoping to encourage some of my tribe to get involved. Donations in favor of the Parkinson’s Foundation, SF SPCA and Project Open Hand.  I’ll hope to plagiarize some more creative offers as the site grows. (If you’ve tasted my cooking, you know why I didn’t offer dinner for 6.) From each according to their talents…

Want to join in?  My invitation code is http://allthis.com/rR1FE

We know that The Valley runs on informal networks and personal karma. I’m thrilled to see a social way for us-all to contribute to non-virtual causes – and have some fun doing it.