David Strom and Paul Gillin co-host a weekly podcast called For Immediate Release: B2B, with a focus on B2B marketers.  They generously invited me to join in for this 20-minute episode





We talked about the importance about researching markets and not generalizing from a single case study or customer Marketers / product managers should spend time talking with dozens of customers before making any product decisions, and deeply understanding real customer problems — even if users/customers don’t yet understand our solutions). We don’t want to build something that no one wants.  (Easy to say, harder to do; similar to noting that there are no health benefits from *joining* a gym – you actually have to go there and exercise.)  Marketers will do their job better if they have some idea of what customers are doing with their products.

david_strom-240x320Paul-GillinMarketers should also know that product managers are pulled in a lot of different directions, and figuring out where the dividing lines between product managers and marketers is a good thing to do up front. Find the best stories from the product team and make them sing.