Aug 18, 2020 1 min read

Podcast: Bridging the Product/Engineering Gap

I was thrilled to join Marcus Blankenship for this episode of his podcast.  Marcus is a long-time coach and champion of software engineering managers with an emphasis on processes / culture / leadership. We talked at length about the adjacencies and differences between developers and product managers…


  • Differences in design principles between product and engineering management (1:35)
  • Understanding the conflict between makers and marketers (6:22)
  • How Rich helps marketers/sales develop a more useful frame for engineering (10:01)
  • The “Innovation” Misconception (15:36)
  • The culture gap between sales and development/product teams (21:46)
  • Where does product management fit between sales and development? (26:31)
  • Helping clients make effective organizational change (32:48)

Read more here about Marcus’s writing, podcasts and videos.

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