Mar 8, 2010 1 min read

A great SVPMA talk: "How To Get That Next PM Job"

A great SVPMA talk: "How To Get That Next PM Job"

On March 5th, Shreyas Doshi had the SVPMA podium for a talk on “How To Get That Next PM Job

This was an astonishingly wonderful talk: crisp, funny, and relentlessly on-point.  When I wasn’t applauding and smacking my forehead, I was jealous.Shreyas is in product management at Google, and recapped what we’ve all forgotten about whether you want to be in product management (talk to 8 PMs first); the process of getting jobs (think it through from the hiring side, practice, do your research, have an interesting resume, start a blog) as well as PM jobs that suck (at companies that don’t care about engineering).  Even this grizzled PM veteran learned something.

Shreyas went with a light-hearted ‘back of the napkin’ style.  See his SlideShare below.  FYI, he blogs at No Batteries Included.

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