Mar 16, 2020 1 min read

Podcast: Execs Don’t Always Know What Users Need

Jay Stansell has been on a European podcast tour: meeting and recording product leaders in Cardiff, London, Copenhagen, Berlin, Munich and Zurich — partly to raise funds supporting bushfire restoration in Australia after their massive fires.  Jay generously let me join remotely from San Francisco.

A recording of the podcast is here.  We had a freewheeling conversation that included some challenging talk about understanding C-level attitudes:

  • 03:03 London quiz
  • 08:35 Typical day of the life of the execs
  • 12:13 Priorities and the way of thinking of execs
  • 15:26 Should execs know users needs?
  • 18:22 Why do some execs believe that they know what users want, in detail?
  • 25:37 What do you need to do to convince execs that you know the users needs
  • 29:51 Product people around the big kids table
  • 31:38 How to change approach for the exec to understand users’ needs
  • 36:10 Product managers and VPs stepping into Board position
  • 37:23 What to let go and what to hang on to
bushfire relief
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