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Agile2016 Innovation & Product talks

For those who missed this year’s Agile Alliance conference in Atlanta (July 25-29), Rich gave talks on “Intro to Agile Product Innovation” and “Intro to Agile Product Management.” Both were for general agile audiences, geared to those working on (or coaching) agile development teams, and emphasizing the revenue-generating market side of the software business. LeanUX / Lean Startup practitioners will recognize many of the themes.

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Bangalore product tour (Feb 2015)

I visited Bangalore for a combination of workshops, public talks and client meetings hosted by Confianzys. The trip had a cooking theme: sharing Silicon Valley’s “secret sauce” for innovation and successful products.

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Motivating Development Teams

Motivating our development teams may be as important for product managers as writing good requirements. A first step is understanding what matters to devs, such as knowing that real users run/appreciate our products.

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Forrester Podcast with Tom Grant

The Heretech is Tom Grant‘s blog for Forrester on technology product management.  His August 18th podcast with Rich Mironov covered a range of topics including agile and PM; product innovation and B2B products worth loving; where to look internally for good PM candidate; parenting as metaphor for product management; and dinosaur extinction theories. Tom’s light

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Product Camp NYC

We were thrilled that the P-Camp/Product Camp movement arrived in The Big Apple on July 18th, and that Rich Mironov was able to participate: What: Product Camp NYC Where: Down Town Association, 60 Pine Street, New York City 10005 When:  Saturday, July 18, 2009, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Cost: Free, more information here Organized

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Understanding the Opportunities of Buy-Side Economics

As CEOs of our products, we product managers have a lot to do.  Traditionally, this has included “build-versus-buy” decisions. The debate often hinged on whether technical tasks were “core” or just “context”.  Over the last decade, this has shifted from “build-versus-buy” to “buy-versus-buy” as we balance more kinds of internal and external resources.  Here are

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Customer Input and Planning Horizons (Haas Executive Education)

Rich Mironov returned to the Haas School’s Product Management Executive Education series, “Product Management: Translating Market Opportunities into Profitability,” for a lecture on product management titled “Customer Input Approaches and the Product Planning Horizon”.  This session included an in-person version of the Innovation Game “Buy A Feature.” In a program primarily taught by Haas’ distinguished

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Open Innovation: A Great Strategy Book

I’ve had the chance to read Henry Chesbrough’s new book, “Open Innovation: the New Imperative for Creating and Profiting from Technology.” It’s an insightful mix of practice and theory about how big technology companies are shifting their thinking about R&D — and the opportunities this creates for little companies.  Following are a synopsis, a brief

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