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Exiting Gracefully

Most of us don’t get much practice resigning from corporate leadership positions, but it’s important to do this gracefully.  Plan it the way you’d plan your next product: clear communication, succession plan, helpful transition. And be a mensch: you’ll be working with many of these people again.

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Coaching With Heart

When coaching our product teams (and others), it’s important to remember our objective: to build up skills and talent so that we can delegate as much ‘line’ product work as possible. Plenty of leader-level work left for us…

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What Product Leaders Do (Cape Town)

Product management is a complex and strategic, with most of us falling into it accidentally. Career paths are unclear. So what do product leaders — the people managing teams of product managers — do?

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Podcast: Product Leadership, Career Planning, and Getting Fired/Hired

What: Product404’s podcast, hosted by Kent Keirsey Recorded: 14 April 2020 Length: 46 minutes _______________ Product404 is an Atlanta-based product community, normally hosting in-person events.  Kent Keirsey is turning this into a podcast series (for now). Kent and I talked at length about product leadership; smokejumping into companies; moving up the career ladder; helping those

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Melbourne/Sydney: Leading The Product Conference

Rich Mironov was MC for Australia’s largest product conference in Melbourne and Sydney (October 2019). Organized by Brainmates, this year featuring Radhika Dutt, Bruce McCarthy, John Zeratsky, Sally Foote, and Audrey Cheng — plus Rich’s personal reflections on three decades of increasing visibility for product management.

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The Product Leadership Career Ladder

I talk with lots of senior individual contributors about the risks and challenges of moving “up the ladder” into product leadership roles.  Here’s a survey I fielded to capture their top questions and concerns about getting promoted.  What do product leaders do? How do product managers signal their interest in becoming one?

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Podcast: How to Be Effective Without a Product Leader

Many product managers operate in an environment where there is an absence of a product leader or chief product officer. Others work remotely and operate without a solid management anchor. This podcast discusses the challenges and opportunities for product managers without a product leader.

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What Do Product Leaders Worry About?

Heads of product management teams worry about a different issues than their individual-contributor product managers. More organizationally focused, less product-focused. What’s at the top of their issues backlog?

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